Those who are planning an event will no doubt be looking for a keynote speaker to ensure a good impression is made. Regardless of whether you’re planning an industry-wide conference, corporate event or executive summit, it goes without saying that an informed, reliable keynote speaker is vital. Your event will be representing you and your business, and as such, your keynote speaker will be too.


Oliver MomeniOliver Momeni is a motivational speaker who is known internationally for his captivating talks that are able to catch an audience’s attention and encourage them to become more then they are. As a speaker who is able to focus on taking his audience to the next level, audience members will feel enriched with knowledge, without feeling bewildered. Oliver is one of the leading experts in discovering a person’s strength and skills and building on these.


His passionate approach paired with a genuine interest in helping people take the next steps is what led to the creation of www.olivermomeni.com and Oliver’s consulting company. Mentorship and practical business training are also at the forefront of Oliver’s mastermind group, Momeni Media, which provides practical business advice and mentorship to busy individuals.


As well as being able to deliver rich content in a clear and concise way, Oliver will ensure that the audience not only feels appreciated, but actually enjoys being part of the event. Humor is injected into Oliver’s inspiring words that will ensure that your attendees not only have a good time, but they walk away feeling enriched and motivated.


Oliver has been delivering presentations that are both fascinating and humorous for the past ten years, and as such, has worked with a number of different schools and organizations by presenting a number of motivational training sessions on marketing, sales, leadership, customer service, team building and more. Oliver’s vision is to mentor a volume of like-minded people via his latest online venture, which provides online coaching for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business using webinars.


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$4500 – $15000 per event

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