1 on 1 Coaching

One-on-One Coaching with Oliver Momeni

(Only 4 Spots Available per month)

Who would best benefit from coaching with me?


Entrepreneurs that want to create extraordinary webinar success that allow you to:
– Maximize your profits
– Generate unlimited, quality leads
– Cut down your travel
– Become an authority in your industry
– Create recurring income streams that runs on autopilot




Most entrepreneurs will benefit from my expertise especially if you are:
– An entrepreneur who needs a plan, goals and accountability to get their webinar campaign DONE!!
– Any entrepreneur who feels stuck in a certain part of preparing, launching or marketing their webinar.
– Entrepreneurs who are setting up their online presence.
– Entrepreneurs who want to improve their online webinar marketing efforts.
– Entrepreneurs who are setting up a product launch.



Want To Work With Oliver?

In order to work together personally you need to be:
– A person who takes responsibility for yourself and is seeking major success
– Committed to helping your clients to the best of your abilities
– You are able to invest in your business without putting yourself into financial difficulty.



If you don’t meet those criteria, I’m sorry I can not work with you personally. As my personal assistance is only for thise individuals who are committed to building their business the right way. If you meet the criteria above then please go ahead and fill out the application beneath.



In any one on one coaching situation having clearly stated expectations will make the session so much more successful and productive. So what can you expect from sessions with Oliver?



Please know that I will be honest with you. This means I will let you know what you are doing well. However, this may also mean that I will share with you areas of improvement as well. I will share these things with you in a constructive way to help make you an even more successful webinar host. But, this requires that you have a teachable spirit and are willing to take advice.



You will also receive accountability from me to reach your goals. I will do this by setting up your project goals on Asana (free project management platform) as well as weekly accountability e-mails.



What exactly do you get?



– 1 on 1 coaching
– 60 min. twice a week, 8 sessions a month where we discuss your project. Calls are recorded and emailed after the session.
– Create a mind map outline with goals and a time frame. This will be done via phone, Skype or Google Hangouts.
– Set up goals for a month within Asana project management platform (free to register)
– Webinar DNA – Online Course (Value $997)
– Product Creation 360 – Online Course (Value $997)
– Webinar Studio – Silver Package (Value $1995)
– Weekly check-in/accountability via e-mail

Enrollment fee , once accepted: $12000
I look forward to working with you!


Oliver Momeni

Best regards,
Oliver Momeni



If you are interested in the 1 on 1 option, contact Oliver below.
He will review your information and let you know if he thinks he is a good fit for you. If not, he will recommend someone else to you.



NOTE: Please do not use this form for anything besides paid coaching requests. If you are not interested in purchasing one-on-one coaching but have other questions, submit it via our contact form. Thank you!


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