How to Get New Customers Interested With a Webinar

How to Get New Customers Interested With a Webinar

19:47 15 June in Marketing

Webinars are slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of business when it comes to acquiring new customers. For example, to attend a webinar, then a person may need to enter their name and email address. This may not seem like much on the surface, but it gives a business the opportunity to forward them relevant promotions and discounts, which they may well take advantage of. Users can also take advantage of the question and answer features and the surveying proficiencies of your software to help give answers to a customer’s question. You can also use the same method to learn about any doubts your customers may have about your product, and what you can do to alleviate such doubts.

Businesses who are familiar with the hosting of webinars will know that it is important that they offer value to their customers. Ensure you are able to answer a customer’s question in a timely manner, as well as explaining the benefits your product can bring. Offering clear and honest advice will offer real value to your customers If you find it a little difficult to sell your product to a new customer, why not try a different approach? You can offer a free trial or a limited discount. A money-back guarantee can also help a customer instill trust in you and your product.

Organizations can also look further afield when it comes to what content they will be delivering during their webinars.  For example, if you work in an industry that can come across as bewildering to your potential customers, then offer webinar training on the industry itself. This will help customers understand the industry and will see your business becoming more trusted as a result. Other useful webinars are the ones that can connect businesses together. Delivering webinars with strategic partners can help educate customers how each business can benefit the other. This can also apply to any products that either business sells.

For customers to be interested in what you have to offer, you need to ensure that your webinar is tailored to their specific needs.  Ensure you research as to what your customers are interested in and whether there are any doubts in relation to the service or product you offer. Ensuring all inquiries are answered can provide your potential customer base with a strong sense of customer satisfaction. You can continue to communicate with your potential customers following a webinar. For example, if there were attendees who frequently joined in with polls and assessments, then focus on these afterwards. You could also forward an email once the webinar ends and offer links to your product, as well as any discounts or free trials you may have to offer. Ensuring that you plan your webinar to gain customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects. Once you have gained the trust of a customer, you will find them to be a customer who will engage with you again and again.