Easy Webinar 4.0 Review

Easy Webinar 4.0 Review

19:57 15 June in Marketing

When it comes to hosting a successful webinar, it goes without saying that you need to have the right kind of software in place. The online marketplace can be a minefield, leaving you a little bewildered as to which platform to opt for. Easy Webinar 4.0 offers experts a number of different options to ensure that they’re on the right track with their webinar. Taking advantage of the custom webinar funnels and its automatic registration feature allows experts to create a webinar that not only delivers rich content to an eager audience, but it can also help streamline your sales. Many will be aware of how certain networks and platforms can pair with another.

Examples of these include Twitter pairing with Facebook, eBay pairing with PayPal. Such features can help promote your work quickly and to the relevant channels. Easy Webinar 4.0 not only includes a number of ready-made templates, but it also allows the user to integrate services such as WordPress, Amazon Web Services, Google Hangouts and MailChimp. This means that you can have an aesthetically-pleasing webinar, with all your services integrated with no coding knowledge.

Other Features of Webinar 4.0

Live Streaming Events: Live streaming solutions can be something of a hindrance financially if you’re not sure where to look. Fortunately, Webinar 4.0 uses the services of YouTube Live and Google Hangouts to stream webinars to an unlimited number of attendees.  Users can also take advantage of hosting unlimited events at no further charge.

Replay Your Best Presentations: Although there are a number of benefits of hosting a live webinar, it’s not always possible if your time is required elsewhere. With this in mind, you can play back your old presentations to ensure that you are still answering frequently asked questions, and promoting any products you have to offer.

Easy Webinar 4.0 Encourages Social Sharing: Many experts will be aware of sharing information online, especially via social networks. This is another area where Webinar 4.0 shines, as it will forward you traffic when a person clicks a social sharing button on your website. The person who shared the content will be given a reward. Incentives such as this can help boost your audience tremendously.

Users Can Fully Customize Their Webpage: Easy Webinar 4.0 makes it easy to construct a bespoke webinar page thanks to its many templates and fonts. Simply change colors and fonts to produce an eye-catching webinar.

Access to an Analytics Centre: Analytics are an important feature of any software that hosts information to a large number of people, and Webinar 4.0 is no different. Users will be able to view how many people attended their webinar, as well as what they were doing while in attendance. If you were to notice a decrease during certain parts of your webinar, you can fine-tune this for the next time to keep your audience engaged.

Chat Options and Integration: Regardless of whether you’re hosting a live webinar, or a pre-recorded one, you can still ensure you remain connected to your audience thanks to Easy Webinar 4.0’s chat feature, which utilizes services such as Facebook Chat, Carroll and Twitter.

A User-Friendly Dashboard: Easy Webinar 4.0 has a dashboard that is informative, buy user-friendly. This means the creating of events is easier than ever thanks to the unique features available.

Users Can Integrate With Third-Party Services: As previously mentioned, users can integrate their webinar with a number of third-party services. These include the Amazon S3 and YouTube hosting services, LeadPages and the WishList WordPress Plugin.

A Useful Email Notification System:  The Easy Webinar 4.0 software allows you to send notifications and reminders to your subscribers, as well as any reminder notices.

Evidently, the most important factor of any business is to make money. And if used correctly, Easy Webinar 4.0 can help you build a steady flow of income while still having the facility to promote your business. Those who may still be unsure as to whether or not Easy Webinar 4.0 is for them should visit the website. The author offers a full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied. Those who wish to inquire about Easy Webinar 4.0 and its pricing structure will be able to find this information and more at Easy Webinar 4.0.