The New Way To Get Prospects Interested In Getting On A Free Strategy Call With You

The New Way To Get Prospects Interested In Getting On A Free Strategy Call With You

21:28 19 February in Automation

The good old offer, “Book a FREE strategy call” does not work anymore, like they once did. If you still see any coach offer them, it only shows that they don’t realize that the prospect does not care anymore if the call is free or not. Because if you can’t give them a reason what the strategy call can do for them, they really have no reason or interest to get on a call with you.

Whatever your niche is, you want to talk about what they want, by using their words. You as the coach need to identify upfront what would get them on a call with you. They don’t want to hear that you will get on a 45 minute call with them building a plan how to get them to where ever they want to be. You want to give them something on the call that they can put into action right away. And that will naturally lead to you seeing if they can put into action themselves. One thing is for sure 8 out of 10 people will tell you they will need help with whatever you told them.

Experienced coaches know the audience doesn’t care about their service or programs. They care about what you can do for them. In other words they only care about what is the
outcome you can lead them to with the very first call. I see to many coaches get in a “lets give them a plan mode” and sketch out what their program can do for them, without speaking the language of the potential clients and that is the language of results.

So to have a successful strategy call or also called a breakthrough call you need to be super clear on what you do, that brings results for the client. You need to understand what you need to give them first in order to get them interested to want to work with you.

It all starts with stating clearly what you do. For example when I get on the first call with a prospect, I don’t just say I’m a business coach. I always answer like this: “I help coaches and consultants build a 7-figure business, working from anywhere in the world, while delivering a unique service to their clients.”

Now, that’s what I answer, regardless who asks me. So I don’t talk about, being a full time internet marketer since 2008 and meanwhile wrote a bestseller on the topic, I also don’t talk about being a certified coach either or any of that stuff.

I only talk about the outcome I create for people. And when you do that you will find out very quickly, that’s all they care about. Because all they care about is, what can you do for me. So its crucial that you frame the outcome you provide.

What I see most coaches do, is they speak to much about what the their program can do for the them. Which is fine to some point, but first we need to give the prospect
something to work with.

So its crucial you give the prospect a topic that will be tackled in your call, and that is done in the form of a free offer. Because as already mentioned, just offering them a “FREE strategy call” does not cut it anymore. Because what does that mean anyway? What is a strategy call or a breakthrough call? So you want to package the call with what they are going to walk away with even if they don’t join your program. And you do that with giving the call a headline, you want to exactly tell them what they get out of your free session with you. So you want to construct a free red hot offer, for them to say “gosh I want that, I want to get on a call with that person.” And if its not for them, they might know 2 or 3 people that you would be interested in your offer i.e program.

So you want to tell them that their free call will be about:

– Boost Your Profit Coaching Session
– Loose 5 Pounds by Next Week Coaching Session
– Rapid Growth Business Coaching Session
– Double your Sales Coaching Session
– The 3 Steps You Need to Take To Find Your Soul Mate Coaching Session

Once you told them what the session is going to be about, the next step is to highlight 3 benefits they will walk away with. So they have a clear overview what’s going to happen on the session.

– During this session we are going to get crystal clear for ultimate business success
– We are going to uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging the ability to grow your business as quickly and easily as possible
– And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to grow your business faster and easier then ever before

So there you have it, the new way in getting prospects interested and excited to get on a call with you.