How To Webinar

Webinar Platform

imagesThere are multiple platforms out there. The preferred platform throughout the years has been GoToWebinar ($6000/Per Year) with its outdated technology. Limited to maximum 1000 attendees. However, after using GoToWebinar and other platforms throughout the years we have moved over to Google Hangouts (with the Easy Webinar Plugin for WordPress) as they are Free and allow unlimited attendees. The main reason why we swapped the platforms was because Google Hangouts allows us to connect with over 80% of human race – who are engaged with social, video and mobile networks right now. You will also need to set up an autoresponder and link it to Easy Webinar so that you can add the people that register for your webinars to your email list.

Starting points to consider for your Content

  • What opportunity does your product or service offer?
  • What advice or tips can you offer?
  • What can you do to help people get past any obstacles they may have?
  • What do people need to know in order to get started with your product or service?

Planning and Preparing Your Webinar

In planning for your webinar, decide on your target audience and think about content that appeals to them. Think about your customers’ problems and questions. You should then carefully plan your content around those two aspects so your event is enticing, useful, and interesting to your audience. You can also use websites like BuzzSumo to find out what information is popular and what people are looking for and sharing.

Now that you have that decided you need to set up your registration page in Easy Webinar and start promoting it. I would plan it 2 -3 weeks away to give yourself enough time to get people on it and prepare your presentation.

Preparing Your Presentation

Presentation-SkillsNow that you have decided what you are going to do your webinar on it is time to start getting your presentation ready.


Creating your webinar presentation sequence is vital to any webinar regardless whether you educating people or selling on the event. Use images in your presentation. You don’t want people to just sit there reading your slides instead of listening to what you have to say. Then make sure to practice your presentation and gauge the right length for the time. It is advisable to follow a script so that you stay on time and on topic during the webinar.


Also, starting on time helps people be punctual for future webinars. It is tempting as a presenter to wait for more people to join. However, stick to the schedule as time is the one thing you can’t give anybody back. It may be tempting to add a lot of details to a slide, Just, Don’t! Add a couple of lines of text or use bullets to make your points. Speak about a topic or slide as much as you need to, but adding more text to a slide makes it harder for viewers to concentrate – They get caught up in reading everything you’ve added to the slides and miss what you’re actually saying.


Let the bullet points show your main speaking points and then you can elaborate as you need to. After your presentation is complete, you’ll want to do a few practice runs so you know how it flows, what your viewers will see, and what points you’ll need to say. It also helps to get someone else to proofread for typos and any errors.


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Market and Promote

As soon as you have created your registration page you need to spend time everyday promoting it. Here are some tips on how to promote your webinar:


– Publish it on your home page and blog.
– Post it to LinkedIn Events and Facebook Events.
– Publish it in the news section of LinkedIn Groups you’re affiliated with.
– Send an email to your own LinkedIn and Facebook Group members.
– Find Facebook groups that relate to your target market and join them and post there.
– Tweet about it on Twitter.
– Send an email blast to your mailing list or newsletter database.
– Find relevant blogs and forums where your target audience is spending time online.
– Create a really great graphic about it (Canva is great for that) and post it on Instagram
– Go on Periscope everyday and tell people about it

Getting Ready For The Big Day

Here are some things you need to decide or do before you do your webinar.


1. Decide Who Is Speaking
If you are not fully comfortable with speaking yourself, you might want to consider paying someone to do it for you or you may want to have someone else more experienced in webinars join you on it to help keep the flow going good.


2. Practice The Presentation
Once you have the presentation completed you want to practice it through as often as you can so that you are comfortable with the wording of it and to make sure it sounds good when spoken. If you have a family member or friend that you trust it is also good to practice on them and get their advice.


3. Live or Automated
With the Easy Webinar system you can do the webinar live and record it for future use or you can record it ahead of time and just have it run when the webinar is scheduled. If you are really shy about public speaking you might want to record it a head of time so that no one else is listening as you do it.


Also by recording it, if you don’t like the way it came out you can do it again. For some people doing it live helps make it more real knowing that there are people listening and it brings out the best in them.


The choice is yours. If you are going to do it live then make sure you do record it, so that you can create an automated webinar after the fact.


4. Play Around With The Technology
Software and hardware have been known to fail or do really weird things just when you need it the most! Do a test webinar by yourself or with a friend before you do your first webinar so that you can work out any bugs and not be trying to figure out how everything works as you are doing your first one.


Webinar Time
The big day is here. You are probably nervous, so here are a few tips to help you out.


When you are getting ready, shut down things like your cell phone, Facebook, anything that can cause a distraction or make a noise during your presentation. They can all wait until later.


Make sure that your slides are all ready loaded and ready to go.


Breathe!!!!!!! Just before you start relax yourself by taking a deep slow breath. The less tense you are the better you will do.


And last but not least…




Yes, this is for your business and you need to make sales and get people on your list, but if you are having fun, so will the people listening and the other things will come easier.


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