Do You Offer Consulting To Help Us Set Up A Webinar Strategy?

Yes. We offer an online course, done for you solutions, 1 on 1 consulting and a mastermind group that meets once a week live on Google Hangouts.

How Can I Make Money By Running Webinars?

When you do a webinar you structure it in such a way that it builds rapport with your attendees, delivers relevant content and enables you to transition into making an offer to your audience to purchase your products or services.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good Business Results Using Webinars?

You can get results using webinars in 30 days or less.

How Long Should A Webinar Be?

Generally speaking we find that 60-70 minutes is the best length of time to run a webinar to educate, offer your services or introduce your product and make sales. After the initial presentation you should keep in mind to also have a 10-15 minutes Q+A at the end of your webinar.

How Many People Can Watch A Webinar?

This depends on the software and the particular package that you choose. We recommend using Google Hangouts as its free and its powered by the newest technology owned by Google. Ohh, and by the way its FREE.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Webinars To Market My Business?

The biggest benefit is speed. You will attract many people to hear about your product and service and the amount of sales you make can increase quickly. This can all be done with very little outlay. Our training also talks about a number of other benefits.

What Can You Use A Webinar For?

To educate
To gain leads
To sell your product or service
To add value to existing clients
To offer a online workshop
To generate money by charging for your webinar
To market to someone else’s list
To interview someone else to add value to your list
To promote other peoples products as a affiliate
To sell something to someone elses list
To demonstrate authority by passing on your knowledge
Our online training shows marketers how to use webinars to generate leads and make money. We also teach you in-depth how to set up a webinar system that runs on autopilot.

What are Webinars?

The word “Webinar” is a combination of two words “Web” and “Seminar”
A Webinar is a virtual conference room, where you can meet with one or hundreds of people, to chat, share web sites, videos, presentations and more, and record the entire event to share over and over for years into the future, so it can sell for you 24/7 on autopilot!

What If I Am Not A Confident Speaker?

Many people have the fear of speaking in public or to a group of people. However, to gain confidence presenting webinars the best place to start is to set up an automated webinar. You create your presentation in Powerpoint or Keynote and then record yourself talking to the slides using screen capture software. You then upload it to your webinar software (Easy Webinar is great for this) and people can watch it at their convenience.

What Is An Automated Webinar?

One of the very best online marketing tools you can have in your arsenal is an automated webinar marketing funnel. Live webinars are great but in recent years, the possibility to play your webinar multiple times per week/day on total autopilot to your audience is a dream come true for business owners. First you put a sales system in place, including a great presentation that helps you introduce people to your product or service. Then set up the software and point leads at the front end. Automated webinars are revolutionary and its something that we teach you in our online workshop. You will have more time to focus on building your business and not presenting the same live webinar over and over again. Think of how much more time you will have. Once you have recorded your webinar and created your products you can plug it in to the software and it will run automatically in the background. All you need to do is to direct people to it.

What is the best Software to use?

There are multiple software programs you can choose from. We have tested and tried many and now we only use a platform that is free and is powered by Google. We highly recommend the free software called Google Hangouts in conjunction with an automatic webinar software (such as Easy Webinar) to automate our online events.

When Is The Best Time To Run A Webinar?

This really depends on your target audience. Are your target customers defined by geographic area, or based in different timezones? We often run our “Live Events” at 11am, 3pm or 7pm. That being said, by setting up automated webinars you are not tied to any timezone or any geographic area. As your attendees can register to attend the webinar at their own local time.

What Training and Products Do You Provide?

You can sign up for my free webinar workshop here. We also paid one on one coaching, and online course and done for you services available.