Ensure Your Next Webinar Is a Success: Some Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure Your Next Webinar Is a Success: Some Mistakes to Avoid

14:59 23 April in Marketing

Delivering a webinar can bring less stress than actually delivering a speech to a roomful of people. When presenting a webinar, it is unlikely you will need to worry about your body language, or having all eyes on you. However, it is important to ensure that you avoid mistakes when delivering your webinar, as any errors can cause confidence among your followers and potential customers to decrease quickly. Here are some tips to ensure that your webinar is mistake-free.

Ensure You Have a Structure

You could be delivering webinar training or webinar coaching, in either event, you need to ensure that you have a structure for your webinar and make sure that it contains information that people want to hear. Many speakers will be tempted to speak about themselves, and if it ties in with the webinar you are delivering, then this is fine. However, simply speaking about yourself for a long period of time is likely to make people turn away, which is the last thing that you want.

Hosting a webinar is akin to giving a sales pitch, you need to ensure that your opening line grabs the attention of the audience. There is no right and wrong subject matter, as long as it corresponds to the structure of your webinar. It could be an unbelievable fact, or a statistic that hasn’t been given too much press.

It can also be tempting to try and stuff in as much information as possible. But this will cause you more work and stress in the long run. You should aim to cover three to five points within your webinar, thus ensuring that you don’t have reams of information to remember and the audience is able to absorb the information comfortably. Once you have delivered your points, round up the webinar ensuring the audience understand the focus of your webinar and understand it clearly.

Do Not Misuse PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an excellent tool that has been used by millions worldwide, allowing to

present to an audience clearly and concisely. Employing such a service for a webinar can be very tempting, especially as it gives the viewer some visual aids. What is worth remembering in this instance is that slides can divert attention away from the most important aspect of the webinar, you!  Should you wish to include a PowerPoint presentation as part of your webinar, then be sure to use the “reveal” feature. This will ensure that information is only displayed when you want it to be, ensuring the attention stays on you.

Do Not Forgot To Use Your Voice

For all the benefits technology bring to a webinar, there’s no better tool to use than your own voice. When presenting a webinar, your voice is the only part of you that is delivered to your audience. In this regard, you need to ensure that you speak clearly and with confidence.  Ensure your voice is clear and is able to deliver any points of your webinar clearly. If your audience has confidence in what you have to say, then there is no reason why they won’t have confidence in your products.