Recognizing the Benefits of Hosting a Free Webinar

Recognizing the Benefits of Hosting a Free Webinar

18:11 17 December in Marketing

Whenever the word “free” is used, it can be easy to assume that there will be very little, if any, financial gain from delivering your webinar. But the bigger picture should be looked at before making such an assumption. Regardless of whether you’re delivering webinar training or even webinar consulting, there are some benefits available that you may have not considered previously.

1)      Transform Your Webinar into a Paid Course

When it comes to other aspects of media, it’s not unusual to see additional perks added to a variety of different releases. For example, a music release may have an additional CD with bonus performances by the artist. A movie release on the other hand may give you behind-the-scenes access and deleted scenes. These little perks may not seem much on their own, but when added to a product that is in demand, it can push customers to make that all-important purchase.

When it comes to transforming your webinar into a paid course, a similar tactic can be used. You can record your webinar and transfer the media onto DVDs. Similarly, the audio can be transferred onto CD as well as being transcribed and converted into a PDF. You now have a number of outlets where you can sell your webinar electronically. To add more value to your products, why not consider adding some additional features that weren’t available during your original presentation. This doesn’t mean that your original presentation wasn’t informative, but it gives your potential customer base that little more reason to make a purchase.

2)      Sell Your Products at Your Webinar

Tailoring your webinar to incorporate any products you have to sell is an ideal way to raise your customer base. Your products can be used as reference points within your presentation while not seeming out of place. Employing such tactics can become part of your webinar planning and you may even find that the overall cost of hosting the webinar in the first instance is much less due to the sales of your products. You may even find it to be an ideal business practice moving forwards.

3)      Sell Affiliate Products at Your Webinar

This works in the same way as selling your own products, only you will be selling them for someone else and you will receive commission for any sales you make. As before, you need to ensure that the products correspond to the webinar you are presenting. Examples of affiliate products could be manuals that help explain a certain aspect of the webinar, and how such a manual could assist the buyer in their overall execution of what they have learned during your webinar. Explaining the value of an affiliate product without being pushy will plant a seed in the mind of the buyer, and in most cases, if someone finds something of value, they will make a purchase.

As you can see, there are many ways you can reap financial benefits from your webinar, despite it being free in the first instance. All you have to ensure is that your webinar is rich with information and is easy to understand. All you have to do is to find the ideal platform for your webinar. There are a number of outlets that can assist you, although some do incur a monthly cost. One free option is Google Hangouts, which not only allows you to host free webinars, but also allows broadcasts to an unlimited number of attendees.